At TLM we work with our clients to develop individualized vegetation management plans that can include:

  • Health Canada Approved Herbicides
  • Total Vegetation Control 
  • Selective Vegetation Control
  • Vegetation Assessments
  • Mechanical Control using various sizes of rotary cutters, chain saws and gas powered weed trimmers
  • Application Reports that are provided in real time using our custom software. 

Our Exclusive TLM Software 

Using our TLM software we are able to provide clients with detailed reports that are useful for environmental reporting, reclamation certificates, and complying with vegetation control regulations. Using our TLM App, we can provide our clients with pdf reports that include:

  • Environmental conditions at the time of application
  • Volume of herbicide applied to site
  • Weed identification on site and degree of infestation
  • Detailed Image Reports of the site post application
  • Application Report
  • Cost Report

Interested? Click on our reports below to view an example

Included in our vegetation management services is access to our online client login which provides our customers with 24/7 access to their service records and reports.