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Weed Control Truck


Weed Control Spray Unit
Terry's Lease Maintenance Equipment

Terry's Lease Maintenance has a Full Line of Trucks, with Trailer and Ranger

  • Combination of spray units
  • Truck sprayers and offroad unit
  • 200 foot or 300 foot hose and boomless booms
Weed Control Truck, Trailer, Ranger
Vegetation Management Trucks


Weed Control Trucks
Weed Control Tractor

John Deere Tractors

  • Full line of John Deere, 100HP, 4WD Tractors
  • Can be used with rotary cutters for mowing in the spring and summer
  • Can be used with blade for snow removal in the winter

Tractor Clearing Snow
Vegetation Management Equipment

Rotary Cutter

Weed Control Equipment
Vegetation Management Ranger

2003 Polaris Off Road Ranger Unit

  • All trailer mobility - easy to move around
  • 250 litre chemical tank, 900 litre fresh water tank
  • Spray skid and 200 foot hose reel

Weed Control Ranger
Lease Road with Weeds

Lease Roads

Lease Road Weed Control
Oil Lease Site with Weeds

Lease Sites - Untreated

  • Before we spray, we take into consideration the vegetation that needs to be controlled, land use, adjacent land owners concerns, cost, and the safety to the applicator and livestock.

Oil Lease Site Needing Weed Control
Lease Site Buildings - Weed Control Spray

Lease Sites - Treated

  • Whether your lease site is large or small, Terry's Lease Maintenance can help you with your weed control needs.
  • Blue dye allows the applicator and customer to easily identify what has been sprayed, and also minimizes overspray.

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Small Lease Sprayed for Weeds
Cat Skid Steer

Snow & Ice Control

  • Cat Skid Steer is a 257 tracked machine - used for snow removal and dirt work as well as mowing and a variety of other landscaping jobs
  • 2008 Dodge 2 Ton c/w 2 yard spreader for spreading sanding chips

Snow & Ice Control - Sander
Rental Light Tower

Rentals - Light Towers

  • 4 - 20kW light towers


Light Tower for Rent




  • Leaves slightly clasping the stem, variable from a smooth margin with no spines to irregularly lobed with sharp spines.
  • Small white to purple flowers clustered into a head resembling a single flower.
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Stork's Bill Weed

Stork's Bill

  • Hairy, trailing stem, up to 2m long.
  • Hairy leaves, finely divided into feathery lobes or toothed segments.
  • Pink to purple flowers, 5 petals, in clusters.
Tall Buttercup

Tall Buttercup

Tall Buttercup Field
Scentless Chamomile Flower

Scentless Chamomile

  • Leaves alternate, very finely divided into thread-like segments, usually hairless.
  • White and yellow, daisy-like flowers, solitary at the ends of long branches.
Scentless Chamomile Seedling

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