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Terry's Lease Maintenance is committed to

A strong safety program that protects its staff, its property, the public and the environment from incidents. Employees at every level are responsible for the company's overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone (management, supervisors, workers, contractors and visitors), every day, in every job, is necessary for the safety excellence the company expects. Management supports co-ordination of safety amongst all workers on the job site.

Management requires participation in the program by all employees and will provide proper equipment, training and leadership to allow all employees to work safely, and whenever possible, contribute to improving overall safety at the worksite. Employees are expected to be familiar with, and comply with, all applicable legislation, governmental laws and regulations, and the UPITFOS (Upstream Petroleum Industry Task Force on Safety) Guiding Principles for Worker Safety.

We are a member of ISNetworld, as well as Complyworks.


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The information contained in our policy manual does not take precedence over Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.Weed Control Sprayer with Mask Complyworks Logo

An injury and incident free workplace is our objective.

Through a continuous safety and loss control approach, we will accomplish this goal.